Electronic Fish Cat Toy
Electronic Fish Cat Toy
Electronic Fish Cat Toy
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Electronic Fish Cat Toy

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Gift your kitty this realistic looking interactive fish toy to keep them happy and amused! When your cat touches the toy, the fish cat toy will automatically move and make a sound, getting your cat's attention. The battery is chargeable and the fish comes with a USB cable. Made of cotton and short plush, the texture is soft and will not hurt the paws of your cat. Great for biting, chewing and pouncing. Most cats are excited and happy because of the smell of catnip. The catnip we deliver can relieve the frustration and stress of your cat. You can easily wash this toy by removing the motor core 


Size: about 30cm/11.81in

Material: Cotton + Plush 

Function Upgrade: Touch sensor

Charging: USB

Packing List: Electric Fish*1


A. The fish has a sensor function, it will automatically stop after running for a period of time

B. If you don't want to use it, just don't shake it. If you want to continue using it, you can tap the fish belly or shake it.

C. The purpose of this is to avoid turning the fish on or off all the time and save battery